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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Red Rice-Control the Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is one of the most deadly diseases in the world. It takes more victims and more sufferers. It is caused by worst pattern food nutrition that can increase our blood sugar level. Too much sugar and too much flour are the reason we are infected by this disease. It can destroy our nerve and time by time we can die because our nervous system unable to maintain itself. According to WHO data statistic, 70% of early die caused by heart attack, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Thus why we must pay attention to keep our body healthy and to prevent it for our long life. Do you know how to control the blood sugar level? One of the best ways is by managing our pattern food and food that we consume.

According to some researches, by substitute some foods that we consume have shown that can control the blood sugar level. One of them is by substitute the common rice to the red rice. Red rice is not a new thing which can give some benefits for us. It has known to control the blood sugar level until know. It has more fibers which can produce energy continuously. Compared to the usual rice, the red rice can decrease the blood sugar level for diabetes sufferers because it has high fibers. It also can keep our stomach full for periods long time because the fiber itself more difficult to be destroyed. Expert of nutritious recommend us to get our 70% carbohydrate should comes from the red rice.

So, if you still want healthy and do not want infected by this disease, right now pay more attention to your food and avoid the causes of this disease. You must be do not want to die early, right?

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