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Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Make Money with Triond

Triond is a site that allows you to earn dollar by writing your passion on their site. It’s depending on cost per mile (cpm). Approximately they pay you 0, 01 per view and it’s also depending on the category. A category such as poetry and recipe are the lowest earning, but if you write about making money and health, your income will double than those categories. Triond also combining Google ad sense account with their site, if you have Google ad sense account, your earning will increase too.

For getting traffic, you do not worry about how to get it because they integrate some social networking such as twitter and facebook. It will share your article instantly. You should remember one thing that viewers who see your article also affects your earning. Try to get traffic from country that has high GDP.

More articles you write more money you get. I’ve joined triond and my earning is $0,36. It’s one step closer to reach minimal cash for withdraw and I still waiting for my first payout. If payment is made through Pay Pal, the minimum payment is $0.50; if by check, the minimum payment is $50.00; if by Western Union, the minimum payment is $50.00. If, on any month, your revenues do not reach this minimum, the amount owed to you will be rolled over and added to next month's payment. Payment sent on 10th of next month for previous month.

The difference among triond and other similar sites is they have recommended thing to write and up-to-date according to what is people search on the Internet. So, start to make money now with triond. They are not a scam business but very trusted and high credibility.

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