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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Overcome Oily Hair

Hair is one of important part in our body. Healthy hair will be a sign of healthy body. In generally, we have a normal condition hair. But sometimes, our hair can change to another condition such as oily hair. So, what should we do to handle it?

  What to do:

1. Choose the right comb

for oily hair, the best comb should you choose is wide-toothed.

2. Use special shampoo

   Oily hair needs a special shampoo that can make your hair back to its normal condition again.

3. cream bath

Cream bath can clean your hair from dusts and all unimportant things that patch at your hair.

   Do not:

1. Touch your hair too much!

Touching the hair will spread oils from the scalp to the hair and because fingers are holds important roles in almost of our daily activities.

2. Eating junk food

  The food that you eat affects your hair. Do not eat junk food too much because junk food can not give optimal nutrition for your hair.

3. Too long under the sunlight

   Sunlight can make your hair oily. If you are going to be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, you should wear hat.

4. Shampoo that contains detergent

   Detergent just will add more and more oil because detergent itself made from matters that contain oil.

    Those are tips about how to handle oily hair. If you got oily hair and do not know how to handle it, just follow those simple steps. Hopefully your hair will back to its normal condition again.

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