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Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 Steps to Overcome Dry Hair

Dry hair is a hair that tangled and broken easily. Besides, it could make your hair look
like a lion hair. Try to look at your hair; you probably got it because you wrong to treat your hair. If you get your hair dry, what should you do?

The way is to follow the 12 steps below:

1.Wet your hair correctly by using a special shampoo for dry hair.

2. Rinse or wash with cold water
Cold water will keep the moisture from your hair; do not use hot water to rinse your hair.

3. After cream bath, use a dry towel and wrap your head by using it.
Do not scrub too hard when your hair is wet, it will only cause hair loss.
Then proceed to give your hair conditioner.

4. Do not cream bath too often in one day
Cream bath that too often done in one day will deplete the natural oils in your hair. It can also cause your hair becomes dull, dry and wrinkled. Cream bath twice a day is enough.

5 Do not comb your wet hair
Wet hair is very fragile and easily broken.

6. Keep away your hair from hair stylist tools
Do not too frequent use hairdryer, blow-dryer, or whatever. It would only make your hair even become more dry.

7. Use a comb that made by plastic
Use a comb that made by plastic. It makes your hair soft and easy to be combed.

8. Observe the condition of hair
Look at your hair carefully, you will know what the factors that make your hair healthy or not. So, you need a consultant or someone who expert to nutritive your hair.

9. Trimming
Trimming your hair once a month will help you avoid from the branched hair.

10. Do not perform chemical processes like coloring your hair, smoothing or curling too often. If you do that, You must be diligent to treat your hair  effectively.

11. Let your hair free when you sleeping
Hair also need a gap to breathe after doing various activities all day with you. If you want to tie up your hair, tie with ribbon or rubber specifically for hair.

12. Always using leave in conditioner before swimming
This will prevent your hair from the chlorine water.

Those 12 ways or steps to deal with dry hair. If you find your hair is dry, follow the instructions above and you'll know that your hair will return to normal conditions again. After normal, do not forget to do some optimal efforts to treat your hair.

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