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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Make Money in Forex Market

Forex is a container of the currencies exchange among countries. At first, forex is used to transact or make a payment. For instance, in conducting export-import from and to a country or if shopping in a country whose currency is different from the country's currency. Over time, began to show an investment and trade to find a gap in the forex market profits obtained from the fluctuations in the price of a currency. The benefits derived from the difference in price between one currency to another are called pips. If you buy a currency pair EUR / USD at 1.3114 price continues a few moments later rose to 1.3120 and you sell it, then your profit is at the difference between the exchange rate (1.3120-1.3114=0.0006).The good news, you can get lucky sevenfold by deposit your money in the forex online because of the differences with the conventional very large. Below are the advantages of forex online market:

-No Commission
-Sale and Purchase Price Difference (spread) is very low
-2 Ways Opportunity (can benefit from price rises or price falls)
-There is no intermediary
-There is any Leverage
-24 Hours (Monday morning to Saturday morning GMT)
-Highly liquid (turnover above $ 2 Trillion / day)
-Prices cannot be "fried" and toyed
-Can be started with small capital (can with $ 500)
-Contract Size and the Flexible Lot
-There is a Free Demo with real time based on market prices
-Can trade automatically (Metatrader)
-Basic functions of orders is very easy to understand
-Can generate a high Return of Investment (for Professional level)
-The Forex market is not likely go bankrupt because it concerns the world economy

Traders in forex market transactions consists of various professional circles, they are:

-Financial Institutions
-The Broker
-Business Performer
-Society (Retail Customers

to initiate transactions in the forex market, you need an amount of capital which is relatively small and even there is a site that offers a bonus in cash which means you start with no capital. The currencies traded definitely come from developed countries such as EURO, USD, CHF, GBP and more.

Sites that provide online forex transactions are:


Before you decide to become a trader, first learn everything about the world of should really understand and know the instruments in it. Sites above have provided a virtual account that allows you to train and hone your skills before you really want to trade using real account. Do not forget to ask a question because those sites have provided a support system in the form of a chat and of course have been supported by experienced staffs and ready to help you.

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